April 2022
One resource paper about medical conversation was accepted by SIGIR'22 resource track.

March 2022
Two full paper about reinforcement learning for recommendation, and conversational recommendation were accepted by SIGIR'22.

March 2022
One paper about graph-based social recommendation was accepted by TKDE.

Jan 2022
One paper about denoising recommender systems was accepted by WWW'22!

Oct 2021
Two papers about reinforcement learning for recommender systems were accepted by WSDM'22!

Sep 2021
One paper about pre-training of recommender systems was accepted by ICDM'21!

August 2021
I have joined the School of Computing Science and Technology of Shandong University as a tenure-track assistant professor!

August 2021
One full paper about sequential recommendation was accepted by CIKM'21!

April 2021
Two full paper about recommendation biasing and graph learning debiasing were accepted by SIGIR'21!

April 2021
I have been awarded the PhD degree in Computing Science!

March 2021
I have successfully passed my PhD viva defense and a PhD degree will be awarded soon!

October 2020
One full paper about graph learning for explainable recommendation was accepted by WSDM'21. Collaborated with Hao Chen in SJTU.

July 2020
One full paper about graph learning for tag recommendation was accepted by CIKM'20. Collaborated with Bo Chen in SJTU.

April 2020
One full paper about reinforcement learning for recommendation was accepted by SIGIR'20. Collaborated with Dr.Alexandros Karatzoglou in Google.

April 2019
One full paper about relational modeling for item-based collaborative filtering was accepted by SIGIR'19. Collaborated with Dr.Xiangnan He.

April 2019
One full paper about CNN for improved factorization machines was accepted by IJCAI'19. Collaborated with Bo Chen in SJTU.

May 2018
One full paper about fast batch gradient descent was accepted by UAI'18.

April 2018
A full paper about word embedding was accepted by ACL'18.

Xin Xin (辛鑫) 

Assistant Professor
Information Retrieval Lab
School of Computer Science and Technology
Shandong University, China

Room 414-1, N3 Floor, 72 Binhai Road, Qingdao

Xin Xin is now a tenure-track assistant professor in the School of Computer Science and Technology of Shandong University, as a member of the Information Retrieval Lab. Before that, he got his PhD degree in computing science from University of Glasgow, under the supervision of Prof. Joemon Jose. Formerly, he got his master degree from School of Software Engineering in SJTU (上海交通大学) and his bachelor degree from XJTU (西安交通大学). His research interests span recommender systems, reinforcement learning, graph learning, causual inference for recommendation and NLP. His work appeared in sereval top-tier ML & IR conferences including SIGIR, WSDM, CIKM, IJCAI, ACL and UAI. His PhD is supported by Chinese Scholarship Council.

I'm looking for self-motivated (I won't push students while a good student should push me) master students. If you are interested in recommendation, reinforcement learning, and related fields, please drop me your CV (recruiting numbers depends on my funding). PS: Competition could be intense. Applicants are encouraged to have good communication ability (both in Chinese and English) since we could have densely connections with top-100 oversea universites and frequent presentations on international (CCF A/B) conferences. A good researcher should always be happy to share thoughts with peers.

Selected Publications [Google Scholar] [Core Rank]

Rethinking Reinforcement Learning for Recommendation: A Prompt Perspective
Xin Xin , Tiago Pimentel, Alexandros Karatzoglou, Pengjie Ren, Konstantina Christakopoulou, Zhaochun Ren
SIGIR 2022 (CORE rank A*)

Variational Reasoning about User Preferences for Conversational Recommendation
Zhaochun Ren, Zhi Tian, Dongdong Li, Pengjie Ren, Liu Yang, Xin Xin, Huasheng Liang, Maarten de Rijke, Zhumin Chen
SIGIR 2022 (CORE rank A*)

ReMeDi: Resources for Multi-domain, Multi-service, Medical Dialogues
Guojun Yan, Jiahuan Pei, Pengjie Ren, Zhaochun Ren, Xin Xin, Huasheng Liang, Maarten de Rijke, Zhumin Chen
SIGIR 2022 (CORE rank A*)

GDSRec: Graph-Based Decentralized Collaborative Filtering for Social Recommendation
Chen Jiajia, Xin Xin , Xianfeng Liang, Xiangnan He, Jun Liu

Learning Robust Recommenders through Cross-Model Agreement
Yu Wang, Xin Xin *, Zaiqiao Meng, Xiangnan He, Joemon Jose, Fuli Feng
WWW 2022 (CORE rank A*) (*corresponding author) (Codes avaliable soon)

Supervised Advantage Actor-Critic for Recommender Systems
Xin Xin, Alexandros Karatzoglou, Ioannis Arapakis, Joemon M Jose
WSDM 2022 (CORE rank A*)

Choosing the Best of Both Worlds: Diverse and Novel Recommendations through Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning
Dusan Stamenkovic, Alexandros Karatzoglou, Ioannis Arapakis, Xin Xin, Kleomenis Katevas
WSDM 2022 (CORE rank A*)

Learning Transferable User Representations with Sequential Behaviors via Contrastive Pre-training
Mingyue Cheng, Fajie Yuan, Qi Liu, Xin Xin , Enhong Chen
ICDM 2021 (CORE rank A*) (Codes avaliable soon)

Extracting Attentive Social Temporal Excitation for Sequential Recommendation
Yunzhe Li, Yue Ding, Bo Chen, Xin Xin , Yule Wang, Yuxiang Shi, Ruiming Tang and Dong Wang
CIKM 2021 (CORE rank A)

Should graph convolution trust neighbors? a simple causal inference method
Fuli Feng, Weiran Huang, Xiangnan He, Xin Xin, Qifan Wang, Tat-Seng Chua
SIGIR 2021 (CORE rank A*)

AutoDebias: Learning to Debias for Recommendation
Jiawei Chen, Hande Dong, Yang Qiu, Xiangnan He, Xin Xin, Liang Chen, Guli Lin, Keping Yang
SIGIR 2021 (CORE rank A*)

Decomposed Collaborative Filtering: Modeling Explicit and Implicit Factors For Recommender Systems
Hao Chen, Xin Xin, Dong Wang, Yue Ding
WSDM 2021 (Accept rate: 18.6%) (CORE rank A*)   Codes   

TGCN: Tag Graph Convolutional Network for Tag-Aware Recommendation
Bo Chen, Wei Guo, Ruiming Tang, Xin Xin, Yue Ding, Xiuqiang He, Dong Wang
CIKM 2020 (Accept rate: 21%) (CORE rank A)  

Self-Supervised Reinforcement Learning for Recommender Systems
Xin Xin, Alexandros Karatzoglou, Ioannis Arapakis, Joemon M Jose
SIGIR 2020 (Accept rate: 26%) (CORE rank A*)  Codes   

Relational Collaborative Filtering: Modeling Multiple Item Relations for Recommendation
Xin Xin, Xiangnan He, Yongfeng Zhang, Yongdong Zhang, Joemon Jose
SIGIR 2019 (Accept rate: 20%) (CORE rank A*)  Codes   

CFM: Convolutional Factorization Machines for Context-Aware Recommendation
Xin Xin*, Bo Chen* (co-first author), Xiangnan He, Dong Wang, Yue Ding and Joemon M. Jose
IJCAI 2019 (Accept rate: 17.9%) (CORE rank A*)  Codes   

fBGD: Learning Embeddings From Positive Unlabeled Data with BGD
Fajie Yuan, Xin Xin, Xiangnan He, Guibing Guo, Weinan Zhang, T. Chua, J. Jose
UAI 2018. (Accept rate: 30%)(CORE rank A*)   Codes   

Batch IS NOT Heavy: Learning Word Representations From All Samples
Xin Xin*, Fajie Yuan* (co-first authors), Xiangnan He, Joemon M Jose
ACL 2018.(Accept rate: 24.8%)(CORE rank A*) Codes   

Some of code repos have changed to new github username xinxin-me.


Research Intern, Telefonica Research, Barcelona, Spain. May 2019 - Nov.2019
Supervised by Dr.Alexandros Karatzoglou and Dr.Ioannis Arapakis


University of Glasgow (UofG)
Ph.D. in Computer Science                   October 2017 - March 2021, Glasgow, UK
Main Supervisor: Prof. Joemon Jose
Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU)
Master in Software Engineering      September 2014 - April 2017, Shanghai, China
Supervisor: Prof. Dong Wang
Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU)
Bachelor in Software Engineering      September 2010 - June 2014, Xi'an, China

Professional Services

PC Member of Conferences:
Program Committee Member of IJCAI (2021)
Program Committee Member of NAACL (2021)
Sub-reviewer of WWW (2021)
Program Committee Member of SIGIR (2020)
Program Committee Member of ACL (2020)
Program Committee Member of EMNLP (2020)
Program Committee Member of ACMMM (2020)
Program Committee Member of CHIIR (2020)
Program Committee Member of ECIR (2020)
Program Committee Member of ACMMM (2019)
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Information system (TOIS)
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE)
Invited Reviewer for ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD)

Useful Links

The Multimedia Information Retrieval Group
A Java Library for Recommender Systems
CSC scholarship

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